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Ha ha, Khaos. Messin with our bodies. Real nice.

I already knew I'd be a real attractive man. The rest of this is just noise.

Call when you find your creativity again, honey.

[025] Hey zzz

I vote we all just- relax ourselves for a wink. Maybe watch a move or two. Somethin.


Don't move.




What is this


I ain't dealin with any of this.

[023] Crime

Public service announcement.

Folks I have some respectable work to get to now. I'm bein real responsible like and everthin.

That don't make me suddenly soft. I will still rearrange your face if you pull any of that 'give me all your money' foolishness round here. Tryin to rob me? Ain't gonna end well for you.

Thank you kindly. Don't do drugs.

[022] An Evil Laugh

Alright. I'd ask all ya'll who just won her last race and made a boot load of cash, but I'm not bout to insult your intelligence with that.

Better question. Who's been buyin up stock in a certain Captain's hotel managin business?

Who just got enough stock to land herself on the board?

I'll tell you what, I see nothin but white old men up in there I'm gonna be spit shinin some heads.

[021] Oh, Khaos

[Filter: Private]

My younger self was a real foolish girl. Posturin and pretendin to be brave. But.


[Filter: Artemis]

How bout when all this is over you and me go out into the woods? New York knows it's forests if you know where to look, Goddess.

[Filter: Public]

This event ain't so bad I'll tell you what. Nobody has died. Nobody got themselves exploded or turned into a man. I've lost some money in the slot machines but that's more my own fault than Khaos.

Anyone else feelin paranoid?

[020] Ghosts

... Maybe I should just stop drinkin.

[019] Grrrr [Voice]

I'm gonna cut somebody up I will tell you what. [She begins to growl. You can hear things breaking]

My Hunters will find me. And when they do they're gonna stab you real hard like. Cuz you're stupid.

Also? My Ma is a bear. She'll maul your face off.

[The breaking things and growling both continue until the feed is cut.]


[018] When?

How long have we had a pool table room? With Karaoke? Because I am lovin this.

[017] Why?

 [Filter: Private]

Sometimes I just don't understand folks.

[Filter: Public]

Any of all ya'll know some real good knock knock jokes?